Race Reviews

RnR Philadelphia 9/16/12

This was my second year participating in this event and second RnR race of the year.

I love their expos… volunteers are always friendly, it’s organized, great vendors, and plenty of freebies!!!


I purchased the protein powder and the Zip Fizz, but Meghan and I also scored a handful of samples. After perusing the expo a bit, Meghan recorded her video for Team Refuel.

20121015-153834.jpg We made sure to swing by the Disney booth for some Goofy metal motivation.

Race day we hopped on Patco and arrived in the city with about an hour to spare to the start… plenty of time to wait in Brooks VIP”potty like a rock star” line. Marcy scored four stickers so we all were able to get in, otherwise I would never pay/purchase for this. The bathrooms were clean and stocked with toiletries, nothing amazing, but I did fully enjoy the volunteers donning tuxedo tees and catering trays passing out gels!!!

Considering my lack of fitness, my only expectation was to enjoy the course. We began in the same coral way in the back… The first few miles were full of spectators, it was nice to finally run a race and enjoy the cheers and quick words with fellow runners. I did not miss my music all that much because like Competitors other events there were bands and cheer squads every few miles. Most of the water stops were fully prepared, a few were struggling to keep cups filled, is it always like this at the back of the pack? Around mile 9 I used a Gu I picked up to get me through the end.

I finished in 2:08:36, a good 10+ minutes slower than last years. Did I give this race my all? No hardly. Did I have a super awesome time? Hell yeah!

Afterwards, Meghan and I enjoyed the post race festivities and took some time to cheer on others runners. We decided to refuel the unhealthy way with a walk to the Reading Terminal. 4th Street Cookies are amazing but we rounded it out a bit by hitting up Chipolte before heading back home.


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