Overdo Richmond Recap

So this weekend I took a few days off of work to head to Richmond, VA. Yes Virginia is for Lovers Runners!

I had a slow start Friday morning and didn’t hit the road until almost 10. I was up pretty late the night before crafting this little gem!


There was hardly any traffic on the way and before I knew it, it was 2:00 o’clock and I was heading into the expo. It was a smaller expo but had everything you could need for the race. iFitness was there so I felt like it was now or never, shelled out $44 dollars to customize a fuel belt. I usually try to score samples at expos but besides the GU from Chick-Fil-A and nachos(not interested Qdoba), there weren’t any.

I don’t know how but I ended up wondering around the expo for an hour. I did some yelping and found the art museum was just a few blocks away. Sara recommended checking out the glass exhibit by Chihuly.

The exhibit was smaller than I expected but for $20, still a steal. The actual entrance into the museum was free and full of all types of art, jewelry, furniture, and even a mummy.

I picked up a few snacks from Trader Joes (had to go for the wine!) and made my way to the hotel. I scored a room off of Priceline.com for the Homestead Richmond-Innsbrook, $52. You get what you pay for but since I was only planning to literally sleep here it was fine.

And for the run fun stuff…

26.2 miles +2 months of training= realizing defeat and enjoying the race

For a few days there I was convinced I might actually be able to race this course, if only…

I started off way too fast and began to feel it at mile 11. I won’t recount all the details but basically I was fighting my mind the rest of race and really had to take it one mile at a time. If it weren’t for such great crowd support and fellow runners I’m afraid this could have resulted in a DNF:/

I don’t care how many hills there were, Richmond I will return! This truly was “Americas Friendliest Marathon!” This race was well organized, the water stations were well staffed and plentiful, and HELLO junk food fuel stops!!! I for sure ate the gummy bears:) I must confess, my favorite take away of the race is not that I completed marathon 2. I felt more and more alive with every cheer, Richmond loves a good tutu and I felt like a princess. There were countless high fives and compliments, even if I wanted to give up i don’t think they would have let me.


The finish was downhill towards Browns Island.

20121115-203311.jpgOnce on the island there was the standard post race fare; pizza, bagels, bananas, Powerade, and of course beer.


Instead of staying another night I decided to head back for NJ, but not before stopping at Jason’s Deli, love this place!!!



Anthem Richmond Marathon 11/10/12


Disregarding my performance this was my favorite race to date, even if I did have to go solo, oh the woes of a single runner…

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One Response to Overdo Richmond Recap

  1. Whine Less says:

    Cute skirt!

    I have never been to Jason’s Deli but I think I may need to check them out.

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