20 In The Park

This morning Meghan headed over so we could get our long run in this week. We drove to Cooper River because I thought it be easier to deal with the miles. Essential one loop is about 3.5 miles, I convinced myself it was just like running 5x around the tracknot.

I have a problem finding the right portion of food to eat pre-run, so I decided to stick with the Power Bar Gel Blasts(I could of just had a bag of Swedish fish, I know) and a serving of Zip Fizz.

It was quite chilly out this morning so I donned my new running zip-up from Target, gloves and fleece head wear.

I decided I wanted to shoot for 20 miles today and used my Charity Miles App for extra motivation… I normally try to use this for long runs for the ASPCA but today I ran with Feeding America. They say money raised from each mile will feed two people per day and that they are working directly with those affected by the hurricane. I wish you did not have to post to Facebook to accept sponsorship because I would use this everyday…

I decided to leave my water bottles outside the car so that every time I completed a loop I could grab a drink. The first 11 miles felt pretty good, it was touch and go after that… I used a Clif gel around 13 and then a Gu at 17. I normally try to stick with one type of gel but after using both I must say I definitely prefer the consistency of Clif. Gu is so thick it took me almost a whole mile to get it down.

I made it back to the car at 18.50 and decided to finish the 1.5 around the track. I was starting to feel sick because the gel hadn’t kicked in yet, just incase I collapsed or something I wanted Meg to be able to spot me easy.


I wasn’t hungry at all afterwards but I knew we both needed to eat so we made our way to Whole Foods.

Yum! Tuna steak, mushrooms, asparagus, detox salad. Yes my box weighed two pounds and I got another to save for dinner before we left.

We did manage to save some room for dessert. They just opened another self serve yogurt place next to my apartment- Spoon Me. I am still on the fence about these type of places but I must say this was pretty darn tasty.

Friday, I finally committed to running the Anthem Richmond Marathon! I was planning on using this race as a “fun long run” but after today’s distance if my body allows I might just try to race the whole 26.2.


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