Pile On The Miles!!!!

Today is the first day of Pile On The Miles! I hope you’ve signed up because the dead line was yesterday…

To say October was lazy is an understatement…

20121101-193856.jpg yes I ran only half of my scheduled mileage.. But hey I did get out the door today to pile on the miles and came in at 6.66, not intentional but certainly a little eerie. I ran four with Lily and completed the last bit solo after dropping her off to get a drink. I can’t wait till I get my hydration belt, definitely a necessity if I want to start logging some serious miles.

For dinner I picked up a spaghetti squash and roasted it along with my little tiger squash from my foodie pen pal

20121101-194658.jpg so glad I had the two, these tigers are not like acorn squash, it was bland and tough, I’m still debating if I am a fan of the spaghetti squash or not.

It is a healthy clean eat, you can season it endless ways, and best of all it’s inexpensive! The one I scored at produce junction was huge and only $1.50.

I kept it simple for my first try

20121101-195430.jpg I seasoned the roasted squash with Himalayan sea salt, red pepper flakes, parsley, and garlic. It still needed something so I drizzled a tad of EV olive oil and lime juice- perfect.

When I was searching for recommended cooking times I noticed a lot of recipes called to discard the seeds? Why would you ever? These are just like pumpkin seeds and so yummy! After seasoning, I tossed mine on the same roasting pan half way through cooking time to eat along side my spaghetti!

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