Tapping of the Great Pumpkin 5k

In the midst of the recent hurricane, there isn’t much Halloween spirit around here. Luckily I was able to leave work early on Saturday so I could head over to the Iron Hill Brewery in North Wales for fun 5k.

Marcy, Meghan, and Piper came a little early to pick me up but we still had about an hour ride, so I had plenty of time to make a festive outfit in the car.

This was the first year for this event so when we arrived with 20 minutes till the start I was a bit nervous, especially since Greg hadn’t even showed up yet!
It was a bit chaotic- runners, drinkers, dogs, and babies- all inhabiting the same space. At least Piper was a peach:)

The race was out and back with rolling hills through the neighboring roads. It was cute seeing some of the residents out cheering with their kids. I felt pretty fast this race but it wasn’t officially timed so who knows… Greg did great too, even with the travel partner he beat Meghan and Marcy.

And Meg wore one of the awesome bat hats I picked up at the Columbus Zoo

This was a great event!!! With the race registration we received two beer tickets, a wristband for food, and a long sleeve tech shirt. Of course I had to get two different pumpkin beers. Eh the house brew was just eh but we did have one winner it was another local organic brew. They were serving grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, balsamic pasta salad, rice, and soft pretzels (you could purchase fancier fare for a few bucks). We were hoping to grab a table inside the brewery but the wait was over an hour, the free grub was actually pretty good.

This race was a great excuse to take off of work and to spend some quality time with these guys


I haven’t gotten in a run yet this week but Lily and I did make it to the park today, she had a blast!

20121031-222105.jpg LOVE


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