Pub Run Proud

I am super excited to share I just completed my first pub run!!!

For weeks, I have been planning on heading over to Fleet Feet in Marlton for there Halloween themed pub run… I didn’t have anyone to tag along with so I was super nervous when I pulled up with just a few minutes to spare.

A few people were in costumes which eased the anxiety. I introduced myself to a friendly face, she was nice enough to let the group leader know it was my first time… We headed out for an easy 3 miles, everyone at their own paces, I ran at a conversational pace in the front of the group. It’s weird how one run a pace may seem unreachable and another, a piece of cake.

After the run everyone received a fun pint glass

The Brooks rep took sometime to talk about their sneakers… Apparently the Adrenaline model is the most popular shoe on the market. Unlike my high arched self, most people have low arches, those shoes are perfect for correcting over pronating.

I’ve been “running happy” ever since I started training with these puppies

I was on the fence about heading over to get a drink afterward but I figured since I made it this far… Everyone in the group was so nice and welcoming. I was only a tad bit uncomfortable but I knew one drink wouldn’t kill me. Champs was out of their pumpkin beer :/ so I opted for a blueberry brew!!!

It’s funny how I could run 17 miles on Sunday, easy, but running 3 with complete strangers took more effort mentally than anything I’ve done in a while. Completely worth it:)

Even better, I still had time to run to the craft store and hit up Chipotle for some serious grub


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