A.C. Half and then some

Yesterday Meghan and I headed down to Atlantic City to run the half marathon.

I cant comment on the expo because I didn’t get back from Ohio until around 930 last night. I emailed the race director and they gave the ok for her to pick up my race packet.

We parked in the Ballys garage and made our way through the casino to use the restroom and then headed to the start.

The first few miles are down and around the marina district. The best part of this portion is running through the overpass tunnel, everyone cheers and woos it up as they run through.

Around mile 6 I started to really sweat and had to get rid of my long sleeve. Talk about awkward! Next time I’ll stop running before I start stripping clothing. I wound up tearing off my bib, snagging myself with the safety pin, and stumbling before I finally got it off.

Last year my least favorite part of the race was hitting the boardwalk. It was crowded with pedestrians and those darn pushcarts and it was windy as all hell. Fortunately, this year the wind was hardly noticeable and the people on the boards seem to at least acknowledge a race was taking place.

Heading back to finish I passed this amazing man

20121022-212843.jpgthat’s right, balls in the air the entire race!

Per my Goofy Training I was shooting to get in 16 miles today. So at mile 10 I decided that since this clearly was not going to be a PR day for me, I was going to use to the course to run the distance and then go through the finish.

I missed judge the course and covered an extra mile

Meghan was already at the finish waiting… Woohoo PR girl!!! I grabbed a couple waters, a Gatorade, 2 Johnson’s Popcorn bags, a lemon water ice, and 2 Power Bar Gel Blasts.

We headed back to the car to stretch and drop of our goodies before walking down to the Earl of Sandwich at the Showboat Casino.

We were lucky to score a Schwaggle deal for this race but even at full cost this race is great! It’s well organized, staffed with plenty of volunteers, water stations, and friendly faces. The long sleeve tech shirts and finisher medals are really well designed and wearable.

For what it’s worth, I left smiling


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