Family Fun K

As far as I am concerned today couldn’t have been more beautiful. After a short walk Lily and I headed down to my parents. Family run was postponed till later in the afternoon so I had time to eat a legit brunch.

Crabs!!! Probably not the best pre run meal, but how could I resist? Yesterday my Dad steamed a bushel for Crabfest and he had some pretty sweet crabs set aside just for me since I was busy working.

Meghan and I were scheduled to put in ten miles today, so we headed to the track to put in a few miles before everyone else arrived at the bike path. Breaking up the distance and having company along the way made this run actually fun.

I am headed to Ohio for business tomorrow. Crossing my fingers it’s another great trip and that I get in some quality runs before the race on Sunday!


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One Response to Family Fun K

  1. ya girrrl. love how you link my name.. nice job! and my legs are a tad sore today! woo.. cant wait for a 20miler!

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