The Soup Experiment

I can not believe its October 9th already, September flew by. I finally got back into a fitness routine and clean eating! I ran two half marathons and completed 102 miles last  month.

I decided not to TRI last weekend because I seem to have a bit of a head cold:/  If there is anything that grosses me out more than the sound of people filing their finger nails, it’s nose blowing! I’ve been craving healthy soups everyday. While I don’t mind seeing that hot guy at Panera Bread everyday, I do mind blowing $5 on a cup of soup.

Sunday I picked up 4lbs of broccoli (great deal, dont judge), tomatoes, grapefruit, and a few avocados. I really wanted to use some of the broccoli before it began to get those weird little brown spots on it, so my soup plan was obvious. While I love ched/broc soup, I do not like its nutritional profile. I really was hoping to make a semi healthy version but instead my concoction was a little too clean. I really liked the texture and flavor I ended up with but I must admit, the cheese, pumpkin seeds, and Frank’s RedHot Sauce really brought this up a few notches!


2lbs Brocolli Florets

15oz Great Northern Beans (TJ’s Organic)

(2)32oz Hearty Vegetable Broth (TJ’s Organic)

1 lg Vidalia Onion

5 Cloves of Garlic

Salt/ Pepper


Soften onions, garlic, and one box of broth in a large pot, remove and blend in food processor.

Add broccoli to remaining broth and steam until no longer crisp (not mush). Process at least half of the broccoli until smooth (I left half because I like my soups a little chunky).

Add onions and broccoli puree back into the pot while adding the other box of stock.

Puree the beans until smooth, like hummus consistency, add to the big green pot.

Season with salt and pepper.

*I added a little asiago and parm cheese blend, pumpkin seeds, and Frank’s RedHot because this experiment needed something extra.*

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