To TRI or not to try, if that were my only question

I enjoyed five days away from my day job celebrating Labor Day with an extended weekend. The time was spent working for pennies at the restaurant, running, and spending time with the family. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to get back into eating clean. While most of what i eat is healthful I have some serious issues with portion control. My Mom and I went to Sam’s Club the other day and I got a bunch of healthy snacks. To work on my portion control, a good portion of my time yesterday was dedicated to weighing and portioning out my snacks for the next few weeks. Image

I got thrown right back into the thick of it today and didn’t get home till close to six o’clock. I took lily for a quick walk and then made my way out the door for my six mile scheduled work out. It wasn’t amazing by any means, it was quiet, no tunes again, but I did try to keep it interesting trying a new route. This one is definitely going to be a go to when the sun light begins to slip away much to early. Most of it can be run on the sidewalks and I only have to cross one traffic light. I am by no means a perfect driver but seem people are just completely oblivious to road runners. I can’t wait till i can start wearing my expensive dorky light arm bands again! Image

… Back to my big question… I am left weighing the decision to participate in the Treasure Island Triathlon this year. I threw myself into this event last year with no training besides the running, my cousins were also competing but at least had biked and swam a few times.Image

The swim (only a 1/4 mile) was brutal, I pretty much gave up my freestyle about two minutes in and proceeded to dog paddle/ float my way to the finish. The bike was not a challenge but completing 10 miles in 42:08, I can’t really say I was pushing myself. This part of the race I really enjoyed partly because I did not drown and it was fun passing my family a few times on the route. I LOVE a good cowbell!. The run was my only saving grace, I completed those 3 miles in 22:05!!! I had to revisit the results page because I AM COMPETITIVE. Even while I can not compete with others on a grand scale, I am competitive with myself. Which is why I am left wondering, should I TRI?

I have exactly one month to get into shape for this event. I’m an optimist, but I am also a realist. Can it be done? No, I can not get into the shape I was in this time last year, but if I am able to dedicate a few workouts to biking and swimming, I might feel like less of a loser when I lose:) Financially I would be committing to the race, a one month gym membership, and a new road bike. I’m looking a dropping almost a grand;/ The bike is not a necessity but I have always wanted one and I know it could be useful in cross training and if I ever want to do one of those crazy rides to the shore but it is an investment. My mind feels heavy. If only there were an easy answer… I have sometime to sleep on it, but there are some great bikes on sale this week till Sunday. Well, time for dinner..Image

Eggs, spinach, and bell peppers topped with pico and of course Franks Hot Sauce! mmm

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