25 miles in

I am officially registered for the Goofy Challenge!!! This week I logged a total of 25 miles (most of those were slow, uncomfortable, and quiet). None were where I’d like to be speed wise but I know I will be able to pick up the pace the more I am on my feet. I have decided my training will officially begin September 23 and am going to use these next few weeks to build back up my base. I am going to run my races this month with a light heart and really just try to enjoy the spirit of the events because that is what I fell in love with in the first place.

Today was not really as productive as it should have been. With all the rain we had today it was a great chance to get through some major cleaning but I only put a dent into my clutter. I am not sure when this began, but I hold onto something’s entirely too long. Besides another lovely trip to Trader Joes and a few walks in the rain with Lily, I’ll have to chalk today up as a REST day.

Mileage this week will be a slightly more then last week. I really need to concentrate on my form and figuring out why my iPhone keeps pausing
The audio during runs. As much as I love the birds and the bees, sometimes they just aren’t enough to power through a tough run.

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