Taco Tuesday

Thats right, I enjoyed my dinner so much yesterday that I knew after eating them I’d want to make my egg scramble tacos again today! I wouldn’t necessarily say that I cook, but I do combine. Trader Joe’s is great store for buying healthy food at a super reasonable price.

I picked these Eats up yesterday…

I browned 1 veggie burger and 2/3c peppers. Once the two started smelling up my apartment, I added 1/2c eggs and 1 slice of cheese torn into little squares…

Divided the scramble into two low-carb tortillas, added Frank’s Hot Sauce -Yes! Just as they advertise, “I put that $#!T on everything!”


Its sad, I know for some reason it took me almost an hour to figure out how to upload pictures:/ Slow and steady! Right?? At least my dinner has settled so now I can attempt my six miles planned for today. I’m going to try a different route, I just realized that from the time began training for my first 5k till now I have run a total of 5 different routes. No wonder I ran myself into a rut!

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