Challenge Accepted

I had no choice but to wake up with my game face on today. Three months ago I was in a completely different state of mind, I had my priorities straight and could easily set and meet daily goals. Today was an A+ beginning to my fitness over haul. In the past, I’ve had a hard time balancing the three F’s. *this is part of the reasoning behind my blog, I’m hoping to stay accountable*

I had a painless four hour work day. You would have guessed I was living in Florida today by the weather. Rain. Sun. Thunder. Sun… Thankfully, the rain held of long enough for me to enjoy my afternoon lunch date that was long overdue! ** This is where the balancing is taking place. Typically i would avoid eating out because I know nearly anything I would order is not going to compare nutritionally to anything I make at home.** My friend and I had lunch at The Continental, this a great spot for happy hour and the cocktails are delish but I stuck to my commitment and had the continental salad with a few glasses of water for lunch. Afterwards we walked around Rittenhouse Square a few times while catching up. We parted ways and I was home before four. I walked a mile with Lily and then was off to Trader Joes to get some sound eats and to PetSmart because Lily was also out of food.
Dinner was so quick and tasty, tomorrow will likely be round two so I’ll add that run down later. Once
It began to cool off outside I went for a four mile run on my usual route. I tried to pay attention to my form and breathing on this run because i don’t need to start training any old bad habits. I came back for a quick water break and took Lily out with me for a slower two mile cool down.

I did not realize how much time it took to establish a blog, be patient, much like myself, this is a work in progress.

Game Face, Good Night!

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  1. Your such a good writer! Holla!

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