It’s been a while

I have not posted since Richmond… That’s how exciting my life has been!

But today I am on my way to Disney World!!!

I only had one hour of sleep so hopefully today will still awesome…

Stay tuned for some fun!!!!


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Overdo Richmond Recap

So this weekend I took a few days off of work to head to Richmond, VA. Yes Virginia is for Lovers Runners!

I had a slow start Friday morning and didn’t hit the road until almost 10. I was up pretty late the night before crafting this little gem!


There was hardly any traffic on the way and before I knew it, it was 2:00 o’clock and I was heading into the expo. It was a smaller expo but had everything you could need for the race. iFitness was there so I felt like it was now or never, shelled out $44 dollars to customize a fuel belt. I usually try to score samples at expos but besides the GU from Chick-Fil-A and nachos(not interested Qdoba), there weren’t any.

I don’t know how but I ended up wondering around the expo for an hour. I did some yelping and found the art museum was just a few blocks away. Sara recommended checking out the glass exhibit by Chihuly.

The exhibit was smaller than I expected but for $20, still a steal. The actual entrance into the museum was free and full of all types of art, jewelry, furniture, and even a mummy.

I picked up a few snacks from Trader Joes (had to go for the wine!) and made my way to the hotel. I scored a room off of for the Homestead Richmond-Innsbrook, $52. You get what you pay for but since I was only planning to literally sleep here it was fine.

And for the run fun stuff…

26.2 miles +2 months of training= realizing defeat and enjoying the race

For a few days there I was convinced I might actually be able to race this course, if only…

I started off way too fast and began to feel it at mile 11. I won’t recount all the details but basically I was fighting my mind the rest of race and really had to take it one mile at a time. If it weren’t for such great crowd support and fellow runners I’m afraid this could have resulted in a DNF:/

I don’t care how many hills there were, Richmond I will return! This truly was “Americas Friendliest Marathon!” This race was well organized, the water stations were well staffed and plentiful, and HELLO junk food fuel stops!!! I for sure ate the gummy bears:) I must confess, my favorite take away of the race is not that I completed marathon 2. I felt more and more alive with every cheer, Richmond loves a good tutu and I felt like a princess. There were countless high fives and compliments, even if I wanted to give up i don’t think they would have let me.


The finish was downhill towards Browns Island.

20121115-203311.jpgOnce on the island there was the standard post race fare; pizza, bagels, bananas, Powerade, and of course beer.


Instead of staying another night I decided to head back for NJ, but not before stopping at Jason’s Deli, love this place!!!



Anthem Richmond Marathon 11/10/12


Disregarding my performance this was my favorite race to date, even if I did have to go solo, oh the woes of a single runner…

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20 In The Park

This morning Meghan headed over so we could get our long run in this week. We drove to Cooper River because I thought it be easier to deal with the miles. Essential one loop is about 3.5 miles, I convinced myself it was just like running 5x around the tracknot.

I have a problem finding the right portion of food to eat pre-run, so I decided to stick with the Power Bar Gel Blasts(I could of just had a bag of Swedish fish, I know) and a serving of Zip Fizz.

It was quite chilly out this morning so I donned my new running zip-up from Target, gloves and fleece head wear.

I decided I wanted to shoot for 20 miles today and used my Charity Miles App for extra motivation… I normally try to use this for long runs for the ASPCA but today I ran with Feeding America. They say money raised from each mile will feed two people per day and that they are working directly with those affected by the hurricane. I wish you did not have to post to Facebook to accept sponsorship because I would use this everyday…

I decided to leave my water bottles outside the car so that every time I completed a loop I could grab a drink. The first 11 miles felt pretty good, it was touch and go after that… I used a Clif gel around 13 and then a Gu at 17. I normally try to stick with one type of gel but after using both I must say I definitely prefer the consistency of Clif. Gu is so thick it took me almost a whole mile to get it down.

I made it back to the car at 18.50 and decided to finish the 1.5 around the track. I was starting to feel sick because the gel hadn’t kicked in yet, just incase I collapsed or something I wanted Meg to be able to spot me easy.


I wasn’t hungry at all afterwards but I knew we both needed to eat so we made our way to Whole Foods.

Yum! Tuna steak, mushrooms, asparagus, detox salad. Yes my box weighed two pounds and I got another to save for dinner before we left.

We did manage to save some room for dessert. They just opened another self serve yogurt place next to my apartment- Spoon Me. I am still on the fence about these type of places but I must say this was pretty darn tasty.

Friday, I finally committed to running the Anthem Richmond Marathon! I was planning on using this race as a “fun long run” but after today’s distance if my body allows I might just try to race the whole 26.2.


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Pile On The Miles!!!!

Today is the first day of Pile On The Miles! I hope you’ve signed up because the dead line was yesterday…

To say October was lazy is an understatement…

20121101-193856.jpg yes I ran only half of my scheduled mileage.. But hey I did get out the door today to pile on the miles and came in at 6.66, not intentional but certainly a little eerie. I ran four with Lily and completed the last bit solo after dropping her off to get a drink. I can’t wait till I get my hydration belt, definitely a necessity if I want to start logging some serious miles.

For dinner I picked up a spaghetti squash and roasted it along with my little tiger squash from my foodie pen pal

20121101-194658.jpg so glad I had the two, these tigers are not like acorn squash, it was bland and tough, I’m still debating if I am a fan of the spaghetti squash or not.

It is a healthy clean eat, you can season it endless ways, and best of all it’s inexpensive! The one I scored at produce junction was huge and only $1.50.

I kept it simple for my first try

20121101-195430.jpg I seasoned the roasted squash with Himalayan sea salt, red pepper flakes, parsley, and garlic. It still needed something so I drizzled a tad of EV olive oil and lime juice- perfect.

When I was searching for recommended cooking times I noticed a lot of recipes called to discard the seeds? Why would you ever? These are just like pumpkin seeds and so yummy! After seasoning, I tossed mine on the same roasting pan half way through cooking time to eat along side my spaghetti!

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Tapping of the Great Pumpkin 5k

In the midst of the recent hurricane, there isn’t much Halloween spirit around here. Luckily I was able to leave work early on Saturday so I could head over to the Iron Hill Brewery in North Wales for fun 5k.

Marcy, Meghan, and Piper came a little early to pick me up but we still had about an hour ride, so I had plenty of time to make a festive outfit in the car.

This was the first year for this event so when we arrived with 20 minutes till the start I was a bit nervous, especially since Greg hadn’t even showed up yet!
It was a bit chaotic- runners, drinkers, dogs, and babies- all inhabiting the same space. At least Piper was a peach:)

The race was out and back with rolling hills through the neighboring roads. It was cute seeing some of the residents out cheering with their kids. I felt pretty fast this race but it wasn’t officially timed so who knows… Greg did great too, even with the travel partner he beat Meghan and Marcy.

And Meg wore one of the awesome bat hats I picked up at the Columbus Zoo

This was a great event!!! With the race registration we received two beer tickets, a wristband for food, and a long sleeve tech shirt. Of course I had to get two different pumpkin beers. Eh the house brew was just eh but we did have one winner it was another local organic brew. They were serving grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, balsamic pasta salad, rice, and soft pretzels (you could purchase fancier fare for a few bucks). We were hoping to grab a table inside the brewery but the wait was over an hour, the free grub was actually pretty good.

This race was a great excuse to take off of work and to spend some quality time with these guys


I haven’t gotten in a run yet this week but Lily and I did make it to the park today, she had a blast!

20121031-222105.jpg LOVE


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October Foodie Pen Pal

The Lean Green Bean

This was my first time participating in the program so I was super excited when I finally came home from Ohio and found this lovely mix waiting for me

My favorite item was definitely the Cedarbrook Farms pumpkin butter, I ate it as an apple dip, who needs Carmel?

I have baked up a few batches of kale chips before because I couldn’t justify the purchase price of store bought ones, I’ll stick to the homestyle… These were much closer in flavor to Trader Joes seaweed chips than kale.

I had mentioned I did not really care for chocolate but I figured since the whole idea behind this exchange is to try new things I have the hot chocolate a go:/ not much chocolate flavor going on in that box, certainly not enough for 24 grams of sugar. ( there is a fun cookie recipe on the cocoa box so once I try that I’ll let you know how they are)

I haven’t tried the soda or decided what to do with that little squash but when I do I’ll update:)

Thanks for everything Jacquie– She even included a little note

20121031-205509.jpgCan’t wait for Novembers exchange!

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Pub Run Proud

I am super excited to share I just completed my first pub run!!!

For weeks, I have been planning on heading over to Fleet Feet in Marlton for there Halloween themed pub run… I didn’t have anyone to tag along with so I was super nervous when I pulled up with just a few minutes to spare.

A few people were in costumes which eased the anxiety. I introduced myself to a friendly face, she was nice enough to let the group leader know it was my first time… We headed out for an easy 3 miles, everyone at their own paces, I ran at a conversational pace in the front of the group. It’s weird how one run a pace may seem unreachable and another, a piece of cake.

After the run everyone received a fun pint glass

The Brooks rep took sometime to talk about their sneakers… Apparently the Adrenaline model is the most popular shoe on the market. Unlike my high arched self, most people have low arches, those shoes are perfect for correcting over pronating.

I’ve been “running happy” ever since I started training with these puppies

I was on the fence about heading over to get a drink afterward but I figured since I made it this far… Everyone in the group was so nice and welcoming. I was only a tad bit uncomfortable but I knew one drink wouldn’t kill me. Champs was out of their pumpkin beer :/ so I opted for a blueberry brew!!!

It’s funny how I could run 17 miles on Sunday, easy, but running 3 with complete strangers took more effort mentally than anything I’ve done in a while. Completely worth it:)

Even better, I still had time to run to the craft store and hit up Chipotle for some serious grub


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